If You Suffer From Diabetes or Asthma, This May Change Your Life!

This popular household spice has a long standing history for many medicinal purposes with two health benefits being of particular interest to a majority of people, are its Anti-Diabetic and Anti-Asthmatic effects.

Black Cumin, also known as Nigella sativa, is now receiving serious attention in the West as scientific research is finding startling facts of how powerful and beneficial this seed is for a vast array of illnesses.

This wonder herb is also powerful enough to be used at a Practitioners level with astounding versatility. It is used for serious diseases such as diabetes, asthma, colon cleanse, candida, immune system disorders, hepatitis, AIDS and even cancer.  The seeds have also been shown to help increase body tone, stimulate menstrual period, increases the flow of breast milk in nursing mothers, and helps prevent and lower high blood pressure.

Those who decide to use black cumin seed oil should check labels and product information carefully. Black Cumin is commonly referred to as black seed oil, black onion seed, black caraway, black sesame seed, and other names, but only Nigella Sativa is true Black Cumin.

Now, I have always been skeptical of one ingredient having so many health benefits…but this one has the research to substantiate it and has been documented as far back as Biblical days.

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