Anger Troubles

Anger is mainly the inability to restrain our basic impulses, needs and emotions. If a person is out of contact with his or her emotions, a chaotic mind is very often created. Anger is not necessarily a bad thing, for example when and if a person is threatened; usually it is always good to have an amount of anger to protect you, but when a person doesn’t have little or no control then anger may, as it often does, leads to additional problems.

Anger, sadness, joy and happiness are all parts of our emotions, and when we have those emotions in control we are better suited to live a productive and happy life. However, when we begin to target or attack others, then the situation becomes more and more difficult for us to handle both our day to day life and our anger.

One clearly recognized example of anger is school bullying. For a few children going to school becomes a nightmare as almost every day a bully will antagonize this child pushing him beyond his/her limit of control. The child may hold his or her feelings in for a period, but eventually he or she is going to lose control. This is due to the fact that no one is prepared to continue permitting someone to make our lives miserable (and this misery may show itself in many forms).

Unfortunately, when any child gets to his or her limit and returns the attack on the other youngster, she or he then becomes the culprit and is frequently punished. The bully could quite often gets away with the actions, and once the victim takes action he or she is frequently punished. The school personnel will often say why didn’t you tell me what was going on? However, the fact is that the child most likely told the personnel and in many experiences, school personnel seldom act until it is too late. So, a typical outcome becomes that now there are two children with anger troubles, and we add to the troubled child lists. This scenario reflects merely one of the numerous reasons why a person cultivates anger to the point at which they feel they have to retaliate.

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