Baby Boomer Injuries and how to avoid them

After the Second World War, American soldiers returned back to their respective homes. There had been an unprecedented population explosion between the years 1946 and 1964. This was termed the “Baby Boomer Generation.” This generation has accomplished outstanding achievements and has made significant contributions in every aspect of living.

For these reasons, Baby Boomers have been a popular subject of studies and surveys. They have been an enthusiastic and active community of individuals who have been known for their independent ways.

Baby Boomers are still the generation that imparts the virtue of labor and being independent. Many of them have had an obsession with exercising. They exercise and are involved in sports due to their belief that staying active helps slow down the aging process. In many cases, Boomers have gone overboard with exercising and have fell victim to injuries. “Boomeritis” was coined to indicate the consequence of exercising in excess of what the body can handle.

Recent reports indicate Boomer’s injuries caused over 500 million hours of labor for various health practitioners. However, Baby Boomers of the age of 50, still push their bodies hard in many forms of exercise. This has caused tendonitis, arthritis in knees and hips, bursitis and other traumatic injuries. Knee replacements have risen over 50% since the year 2000. To avoid undergoing operations due to injuries, the following pointers may help you avoid these painful, costly procedures.

The primary rule is to choose the proper exercises according to your health condition. For the aged Boomers, jogging can be harmful to their joints in comparison to swimming and walking. Jogging places severe pressure especially on your knee joints. When exercising or engaging in high impact sports, it’s important to “listen” to your body. If you start to experience pain, slow down and ease off, tomorrow is another day.

Exercise is important for Boomers. However, moderation is the important thought process in order to maintain physical fitness but not pushing yourself and doing damage to your joints.

To enhance the production of collagen, which assists in keeping your cartilage healthy and strong, you need to keep supplying your body with vitamin C on a daily basis. Various citrus fruits are an ideal way to keep your body supplied with vitamin C. All forms of healthy foods are an important step in keeping a body fueled in order to provide the required nutrients to support your exercise activities.

Another helpful tip is to make sure you perform warm up exercises before engaging in any vigorous exercise. Stretching of muscles for at least 5 minutes will help avoid possible injury.

Use of proper equipment is also very import in preventing injuries. Use proper shoes and exercise equipment. This can provide you with a good workout and prevent a bad injury. Follow the proper techniques in all the sports and exercise activities that you do. Use aerobic activities in combination with strength training to make bones stronger and provide you with more flexibility.

Despite the process of aging, Baby Boomers still can use exercise and a good diet to provide them many years of good health.

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